Roger Dorey
Blues singer/songwriter, poet.

Why Do They Call It The Blues

Why Do They Call It The Blues

Why do they call it the blues
Look out on the dance floor
And get so confused
Primal beats
Possess the band
Spread like a gospel
To every woman & man
Shake their legs
Shake their hips
Grope and groan
Like a death grip
That pagan music
Filled with strife
Resurrect a broken heart
Back to life
It’s a temple!
It’s a temple!
It’s a temple of lust!
No one can resist
Try as they must
Jumpin’ and wailin’
On fire with sin
If they call that prayin’
Where does it end
Wave upon wave
Lawd do believe
Moses oh mercy!
Couldn’t part that sea
How do they strut their stuff
God only knows
Guess if it hurts this bad
Anything goes
The pain and grief
Life puts one through
Goes into remission
When they play the blues

It’s a damn miracle
that’s what it is
A damn miracle


Copyright Roger Dorey (May 26, 2007)