Roger Dorey
Blues singer/songwriter, poet.




If I could be the one
Who never let you down
At the end of the world
I was still hanging ‘round
And everything I said
Turned out to be true
Especially the words
Forever I’d love you

Could you give your heart to me
Could it be a possibility
That you would overcome your fear
Let your emotions guide you dear
To be free
To fall in love with me

If I could be the one
Who always makes you smile
Tell you being with me
Is just your style
And when the skies above
Are not so blue
I will be the one
Always there for you


… instrumental …

Don’t worry my darling
I will never let you go
I will wait a life tome
‘cause I need to know



If I could be the one
Who never let you down
If I could be the one
Who never let you down
I will be the one
Who will never let you down
I will never let you down

(C) Roger Dorey ( April 9, 2018)



Don’t let them say
That’s just the way things are
It’s as natural
As the sun and stars
We got people
Dying in the streets
And the video is on repeat

The way some things stay the same
Don’t justify the pain
Maybe it’s time for a change
Let’s not pretend all the past
Is something we want to last
No Maybes !
It’s time for a change

Don’t let them say
They have empathy
Send their prayers
Like that’s what we need
We all know
It’s about the greed
So they let us bleed
… instrumental

Big Money gets to say
How we live day to day
It’s been that way
10,000 years
They can no longer lead us blind
Now has come the time
When the profiteers
Don’t get their way ‘round here


It’s time to change
This insane way we live
And live a life of love
Above the money

(C) Roger Dorey (February 15, 2018)


Kingstown NEW Mississippi

Recorded “LIVE” off the floor on Sunday, March 6, 2016 at Roswell Rehearsal Studios, Kingston, Ontario

Mixed by Bill Cassidy (Tiny Racket Studios)
Produced, performed and written by Kingstown NEW Mississippi

On drums: Gary “Zap King” Lavallee

On badassbass: DUKE

On lead guitar: Earl “Street Corner” Coleman

On vocals & rhythm guitar: F.R. Freddie Vendetta



You can hear it on an old dirt road, through the noise of a crowded room. You can walk under a sun-baked sky, through the mist & haze of a midnight moon. You can look the other way (my friend) and know it off by heart. A history deep in your bones, every time the music starts. Every time the music starts, every time the music starts….  (C) Roger Dorey, May 26, 2013)


1: OPEN MIC announcements

NEVER TURN DOWN AN INVITATION FROM A MICROPHONE.  The Loyal Blues Fellowship presents COFFEE HOUSE BLUES (an all ages/open mic) Friday, March 30th at the “performer friendly” ENGINEERS HALL, 43 Pine Street, Belleville, Ontario.  Doors open at 6:30pm and performances begin at 7:00pm.

The only way to get over stage fright is by getting on stage.  Whether you are new to performing “live” or an experienced musician that wants to try out a new song (or anything in between) this is a great way to get yourself heard in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Host for the evening is Peg Voight

Get there early to sign up, ’cause it don’t go all night long!


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