Roger Dorey
Blues singer/songwriter, poet.


Roger Dorey

ROGER DOREY: Poet, songwriter, performer.

Everybody has their day job
Everybody has their dream

Since his early teens, Roger Dorey has enjoyed playing music at kitchen parties, campfires and open mics.

He had a very brief run at chasing fame during university with a punk band called Freddie and the Vomits. Then the meter ran out and the time to work took over and as a recreational musician he returned.

During all this time, he enjoyed writing, inspired by Hank Williams, the Beatles, Ian Anderson, Taj Mahal and Davie Bowie ,etc.

Now that his children have “flew the coup” Roger is trying to make the most of his spare time by focusing on music.

He continues to write, he has written a poetry book entitled “You’re An Easy Kill Standing Still.”

He is the MC for the Loyal Blues Fellowship’s Coffee House Jam in Belleville.

He does solo gigs in Kingston and Toronto.

He is working on a side project based on the end of “real” love in the world which started out to be electronica.

His real thrill is the band Kingstown NEW Mississippi with Earl “Street Corner” Coleman (lead guitar, Belleville), DUKE (bass, Ottawa), Gary “Zap King” Lavallee (drums, Kingston) and Roger Dorey (aka Reverend Freddie Vendetta, vocals , rhythm guitar, Kingston).  They play original blues and roots music which is very danceable and they are trying to make the most of their opportunity in a laid back way. He is having an absolute blast with the band.

When he is writing or performing, he is living the dream!


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