Roger Dorey
Blues singer/songwriter, poet.

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September 26, 2012   IF I COULD BE the ONE If I could be the one Who never let you down At the end of the world I was still hanging ‘round And everything I said Turned out to be true Especially the words Forever I’d love you Could you give your heart to me Could […]


May 15, 2011

CHECK IT OUT! There are now FIVE (5) original songs included in the DEMO SONGS category. Hear them in the raw…. These songs are recorded in the basic foundation of voice, guitar, lead guitar and percussion. How will they sound on the CD? … so many possibilities Special thanks go to Jack Troughton for recording […]


April 8, 2011

Have you ever utilized the medicinal properties of alcohol to rationalize the complexities of a love relationship that is no longer active, especially, if the ending was not your choice? FIFTEEN BEERS, written by Roger Dorey, is a self-help guide through this transitional period. And remember…. You can’t always choose who you love, but, you […]

Why Do They Call It The Blues

January 22, 2011

Why Do They Call It The Blues Why do they call it the blues Look out on the dance floor And get so confused Primal beats Possess the band Spread like a gospel To every woman & man Shake their legs Shake their hips Grope and groan Like a death grip That pagan music Filled […]

Storm in the Dorm

January 22, 2011

Check it out: Storm in the Dorm.

This ain’t no way to treat a James Ready beer

January 22, 2011

Check it out: “This ain’t no way to treat a James Ready beer.”


January 22, 2011

Roger Dorey, blues singer/songwriter and poet.