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Kingstown NEW Mississippi RECORDED LIVE!!!

Kingstown NEW Mississippi plays Musiikki

On November 6, 2015 at Musiikki Cafe & Whiskey Bar, KNM recorded “live off the floor” the following set of original blues and roots music with an iphone.

No part of this file has been edited


00:05 Intro

00:47 My Imagination

04:42 Samsonite Travellin Blues

08:44 Mood is Blue

12:38 Wish I Was There

15:51 Golden Promised

21:38 intro the band

23:09 Hurtin for Me

28:02 Dream 12:14:13

32:06 Good Blue Day

36:33 Slap Happy

40:53 Mississippi

45:40 Jimmy’s Bar

50:10 Rock n Roll Blues

Kingstown NEW Mississippi: Rev Freddie Vendetta (vocal, rhythm guitar), DUKE (bass), Gary ZAP KING Lavallee (drums), Earl “Street Corner” Coleman (lead guitar).

Please recommend this band to play your favourite live venue, festival, etc.




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