Roger Dorey
Blues singer/songwriter, poet.

Kingstown NEW Mississippi

SINGLES ONLY Kingstown NEW Mississippi

Time: 4:18

Time: 3:52

Time: 5:55

Also available in MP3 format

Recorded “LIVE” off the floor on Sunday, March 6, 2016 at Roswell Rehearsal Studios, Kingston, Ontario

Mixed by Bill Cassidy (Tiny Racket Studios)

Produced, performed and written by Kingstown NEW Mississippi.

On drums: Gary “Zap King” Lavallee
On badassbass: DUKE
On lead guitar: Earl “Street Corner” Coleman
On vocals & rhythm guitar: F.R. Freddie Vendetta










Rev,. Freddie Vendetta (vocals, rhythm guitar), Duke, (bass), Gary (Zap King) Lavallee, (drums), Earl “Street Corner” Coleman (lead guitar)

THE THREE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS asked about Kingstown NEW Mississippi

1: What is your genre/what age group do you play to?

No band really likes the first part of this question because whatever the answer, it never really does the band justice. But to try an answer, the music is rooted in the blues and sways from punk to rockabilly. We are loud and fast yet everyone from the “college” crowd to “senior citizens” have no problem getting involved and getting excited about the music. Great dancing happens at any age.

2: Original music, will the audience feel left out?

We are not from outer space. What we do is a new twist on a vintage sound, the lyrics are current and the music very very danceable.

3: Are you any good?

If we had a massive marketing budget you would know this answer already. We are just some players loving the music and trying to win people’s hearts one at a time. We keep getting invited back to the places we play, so we must be doing something right. That’s a long winded answer for “yes, we are killer!!!”


Kingstown NEW Mississippi PLEASE GO TO THE “EVENTS” PAGE to see when we are playing. Earl “Street Corner” Coleman (lead guitar), Freddie Vendetta (vocal and rhythm guitar), Duke Dorey (bass) and Gary Lavallee (drummer) doing a little something new and original to the traditions of the Blues. You’ll like where they are coming from and you’ll like where they’re going, especially, if you LOVE to DANCE. Yes! original music you can really dance to.




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